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The Ultimate Camera Housing To Capture Video Of A Tornado From The Inside !
The Theiss-Device (TM) was designed to be placed in front of a Tornado and get the ultimate video of a tornado up close and personal. The scenes of whole trees getting ripped out of the ground "roots still attached" will be breath taking and will show the raw power of a Tornado! The window that the camera will video through is thick Lexan (bullet-proof glass). We have installed a high quality professional Sony 3-chip video camera as a sacrifice camera to put inside the housing. When sealed up it's completely water-proof and the entire unit weighs 90 pounds. The TD is equipped with a GPS tracker so we can recover the housing after we get it inside a tornado. If it takes a direct hit from a powerful tornado it could end up miles away from the original deployment location.

This will take allot of skill and some luck too. Stay Tuned.....

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The Theiss-Device appeared on National Geographic's "Tornado Hunters" program in 2005.
First Tornado Attempt: Tornado Dissipated before it reached the Theiss-Device (TM)
Video stills provided by Jim Leonard
May 7 2002:  Mike Theiss deploys the Theiss-Device and the Dillo-Cam in the path of a 1/2 mile wide Tornado in Kansas. But, the tornado missed the probes as it passed just to the south and dissipated.
Hurricane Attempt: Theiss-Device (TM) captures Hurricane Katrina's record setting storm surge as it happened.

Click here to watch this rare and dangerous video from inside Katrina destructive eyewall...

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