Eye In The Tropics Storm Reports:
Missouri Storm Chase and Firework Show Stock Photos
September 2006 Storm Chase in Missouri
Storm Chase near St. James, Missouri
Unfortunately this is the only photo I was able to shoot from the chase because the storms were moving so fast and the terrain was so tough I had both hands occupied trying to read radar and navigate roadways while in hot pursuit of "Being Chased".
Lewis and Clark 200th Anniversary Firework Celebration
The main purpose of flying to St. Louis was to chase the Tornado Outbreak set-up on Friday Sept. 22nd. On Saturday morning I learned about this firework show  for the Lewis and Clark 200th anniversary celebration. It was a pleasant surprise !
Flight from Miami to St. Louis, Missouri
Photo taken from the airplane as the
sun rises above the horizon and clouds
Photo taken from the airplane as we start
our descent back down through the clouds
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