Storm Photographer Mike Theiss - Video and Photo Credits:
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Book Credits:
National Geographic Hurricanes "Witness To Disaster"
Book cover appearance - Photo by Jim Reed
Hurricane Katrina Photo Book (Co-Author) - Oct. 2005
PDN "World in Focus" Contest "Spontaneous" Winner
PDN "World in Focus" Contest "Open Series" Winner
2nd Place - 2006 Best of Photojournalism Spot News
Online News Photo & Video Credits:
National Geographic Video News: The Fury of Katrina
Space Weather Front Page News Feature 08/09/07
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Space Weather Front Page News Feature 02/18/07
Space Weather Front Page News Feature 02/17/07
Space Weather Front Page News Feature 12/10/06
Other Photo Credits:
Apple Safari pages Advertising Campaign - Storm photo
Dupont Advertising Campaign - Rio de Janeiro photo
AEGIS 2005 Annual Report Cover Photo
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Florida Hazardous Weather Awareness 2002 (Cover)
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