Biography: Mike Theiss (Hurricane Mike)
Hurricane Videographer, Storm Photographer, News Photographer, Travel Photographer, Adventurer, and Video Producer Mike Theiss
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  Mike Theiss (pronounced "tice"), 39, webmaster of Eye in the Tropics is a native of the Florida Keys and has been interested in weather since the early age of six years old. He would sit with his father on the family porch during a typical summer thunderstorm and watch the lightning and listen to the thunder for hours as it shook the entire house. In the 3rd grade, he received a detention for running up to a giant dustdevil against the teacher's permission to put his hand inside the vortex to sample the strength of the wind. These childhood experiences along with many other weather encounters helped mold his passion for severe weather but nothing had his attention more than the amazing force and power of a Hurricane ! Mike's first hurricane encounter was in 1987 (age 9) when Hurricane Floyd made landfall in the Florida Keys. He was amazed by the force of wind and how it almost ripped off the passenger-side door of his father's truck.
Mike's desire to learn more about Hurricanes was reinforced in 1992 when Hurricane Andrew hit South Florida. Hurricane Andrew was the single biggest event that convinced Mike that he wanted his future to be related to the science and exploration of Hurricanes. Mike started reading any materiel he could find about hurricanes and watching all television specials related to Hurricanes to continue pursuing his dream. In 1998 Mike documented his first Hurricane landfall when Hurricane Georges slammed into the Florida Keys and one year later documented Hurricane Irene in the same place. Mike continued taking college classes on meteorology and storm spotter classes but always lost focus when sitting in a classroom for hours and decided to continue his education by chasing down Hurricanes and Tornadoes and studying them "Live" as they happened in the field.
In 2001, Mike combined his interest in weather, photography, video production, film making and launched Ultimate Chase Video Productions which stocks some of the worlds most rare and intense weather video. In 2008, Mike launched Extreme Nature Photography which stocks thousands of still photos available for immediate licensing for use in commercial, advertising, editorial, corporate, marketing and prints. Mike's still photography is also available through Corbis, Getty Images and National Geographic.
Mike's videos and photos have been seen worldwide on numerous television shows and news programs. He documents Mother Natures extremes "year round" in hopes that his footage and experiences will help raise awareness to the dangers of storms and teach a sense of "Respect" for Mother Nature and the extreme power she possesses.
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"I never wish for a natural disaster to happen, but IF it happens, I want to be there to document it and share with the world an important message of awareness and respect for nature -- Mike Theiss"
Hurricane Landfalls and Tropical Storms Experienced or Documented:
Year Name of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Location Eye Intercept ?
1987 Hurricane Floyd Florida Keys Yes
1991 Tropical Storm Fabian Florida Keys No
1992 Hurricane Andrew South Florida No
1994 Tropical Storm Gordon Florida Keys No
1998 Hurricane Georges Florida Keys No
1998 Hurricane Mitch Florida Keys Hit by Tornado !
1999 Hurricane Irene Florida Keys No
2000 Hurricane Gordon Cedar Key, FL No
2001 Tropical Storm Allison Slidell, Louisiana Yes
2001 Tropical Storm Barry Panama City Beach, FL No
2001 Tropical Storm Gabrielle Ft. Myers Beach, FL Yes
2001 Hurricane Michelle Nassau, Bahamas No
2002 Hurricane Lili Cocodrie, Louisiana No
2003 Tropical Storm Claudette Cancun, Mexico No
2003 Hurricane Isabel Atlantic Beach, NC No
2004 Hurricane Charley Charlotte Harbor, FL Yes - 942mb
2004 Hurricane Frances Vero Beach, FL No
2004 Hurricane Ivan Pensacola Beach, FL No
2004 Hurricane Jeanne Jensen Beach, FL Yes - 952mb
2005 Hurricane Dennis Landfall # 01 Key West, Florida No
2005 Hurricane Dennis Landfall # 02 Ft. Walton Beach, FL No
2005 Hurricane Emily Playa Del Carmen, Mexico No
2005 Hurricane Katrina Landfall # 01 Ft. Lauderdale Beach, Florida Yes - 989mb
2005 Hurricane Katrina Landfall # 02 Gulfport, Mississippi No
2005 Hurricane Rita Landfall # 01 Florida Keys No
2005 Hurricane Rita Landfall # 02 South-West Louisiana Yes - 940mb
2005 Hurricane Wilma Miami Beach, Florida Yes - 959mb
2007 Hurricane Dean Dominica - Lesser Antilles No
2007 Hurricane / Nor'easter Noel Peggy's Cove - Nova Scotia No
2008 Tropical Storm Fay South Florida / Mississippi No
2010 Hurricane Earl Cape Hatteras - North Carolina No
2010 Hurricane Igor Elbow Bay Resort - Bermuda No
2010 Tropical Storm Nicole South Florida No
2010 Hurricane Tomas Turks and Caicos No
2011 Hurricane Irene Nassau / Paradise Island, Bahamas No
2011 Hurricane Jova Tenacatitia / Pacific Coast, Mexico No
2012 Tropical Storm Isaac Key West, Florida No
2012 Hurricane Isaac Gulfport Mississippi / Southern Louisiana Yes
2013 Tropical Storm Andrea Florida No
2013 Typhoon Usagi Hong Kong, China No
2016 Hurricane Hermine St. Marks, Florida  Yes - 983mb
2016 Hurricane Matthew Baracoa, Cuba  Yes - 964mb
2017 Hurricane Harvey Rockport, Texas  Yes - 940mb
2017 Hurricane Irma Key West, Florida No
2017 Hurricane Maria Fajardo, Puerto Rico No
2017 Hurricane Nate Biloxi, Mississippi Yes - 984mb
2018 Tropical Storm Gordon Florida Keys Yes
2018 Hurricane Florence Wrightsville Beach, NC Yes - 957.6mb
2018 Hurricane Michael Panama City Beach, Florida Measured 128mph
2018 Hurricane Willa Teacapán, Mexico RFQ
     Total Hurricane / Typhoon "Landfalls" Experienced or Documented: 39
     Total Tropical Storm "Landfalls" Experienced or Documented: 11
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